Kohi Black

Bending Reality

“This girl: she bent reality around her like a lens bending light, she pleated it into so many flickering layers that you could never tell which one you were looking at, the longer you stared the dizzier you got. – Tana French

Is bending reality really a thing? Can we really bend reality to achieve what our soul craves? I once heard someone talking about a scene in The Matrix. The scene of interest is where a young kid bend a spoon, followed by the most famous line from the movie “Remember there is no spoon”.

The idea that this world we live in is a made up model created by our brain/ consciousness really raised some interesting questions. Does it mean we live a lie? Does it mean my reality might be different from your reality? Are you saying that I can influence this model of reality, my own model of reality? So life is an illusion?

Well, the answer to those questions are really up to you and each of us. Because after all, it is an illusion. Or to be exact…it is a reality, your reality.

What is your vision of heaven on earth? What is that element of earth that you want to fix?

❣️Bend your reality❣️

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