Kohi Black

A Hunter and The Thorn

A man was out hunting in the wood when he shoots a deer. But in the process, he caught his arm on a thorn bush. He cried out as the thorn sticked deep in his arm.. but he is too scared of the pain that it might cause if he tried to pull it out of his arm.

So he decided to not move his arm at all and instead he straps it to his side. But then he could not manage to drag the deer with one arm so he had to leave the deer behind.

He found a different way back bcos he didn’t want to walk thru the thorn bush again. He arrived home late, without food and his family didn’t have supper that night.

In the morning he found out that his arm has healed with the thorn inside it, but it has hit a nerve and he was not able to hunt ever again. So he has to find another job with less pay.

Is this a lesson of avoidance of fear? Or is it something more sinister?! 👀

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