Kohi Black

The Power of Earthing

We are connected to each other biologically, to the world chemically, and to the universe atomically. Whatever our personal beliefs are, there is one thing that holds true, that is we all live through the power of connection. We share a portion of something that is much bigger than they are and we are all connected in one way or the other. While many of us prefer to be by ourselves at the end of the day, we can not deny that as human beings we need to return to Nature to recharge. The Earth can heal our physical bodies and remind us of the divinity within.

To get the most benefit out of earthing, you must enter into it intentionally with focus and treat it like it is a sacred act. It will connect you with nature beyond space and beyond time.

I love going to the beach & play the sand and/ just going to our backyard to play in the dirt. Apparently this is proven to make our body produces serotonin, a hormone that help us be calm, stabilise our mood & feel happy.

❣️Touch the earth and see for yourself just how powerful this practice is❣️

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