Kohi Black

This is just the beginning. “I am a work in progress and so is Kohi Black.”

I am Ida Limanto, a mother of two beautiful daughters, an author wanna be, once a lost soul and found a way to find it back.

If you meet me 10 years ago, I would say I got nothing to offer. I have done my fair share of partying in the past. I have abit of tattoos on me. I…Been there. Done that…

Life changed. There’s no greater influence on my quality of life than the quality of my friendships. I quickly learned that the community I was in is where I bond, learn, support, collaborate, and grow. I wanted more…

When I created Kohi Black, my purpose were:

❣️To have a happy fulfilled life, feeling valuable, needed and love.

❣️To enjoy life surrounded by quality relationships.

❣️To share and celebrate life with others that I care about.

❣️To celebrate successes together, to comfort each other in difficult times, and to encourage each other to become better versions of ourselves.

❣️To experience wonder & adventure with those I love – gives me a greater sense of being & ensures collective life long memories.

Since then:

❣️I have a stable of world-class mentors, people who are successful in their field of expertise.

❣️I have friendships that enhance my life. We compare experiences, share insights, support each other’s growth and nurture each other’s spirits.

❣️I am surrounded by fascinating people.

This is just the beginning. “I am a work in progress and so is Kohi Black.”