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Character – Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

❣️“You cannot dream yourself into a character. You must hammer and forge yourself one.” – James A. Froude

We shape our life, ourselves, based on our mindset. Is it ever too late to be what we might be? I mean character wise, is it possible to evolve to become the person we want to be at any age?

My day was not so bad at all. It was pretty much me in front of the Television, with one kid on her computer playing game and another running around trying to break or eat everything she touches.

Some days I would have been running around, screaming at the younger one and at the same time scrolling my phone for something inspiring or just something to read about, hoping it will make me feel less like “a lost soul”.

My older one, bless her. She is doing so well studying independently and helping me looking at the younger one from time to time. She reminded me of myself when I was her age, helping my mom around the house and doing what I could to take care of my brothers. I was a good daughter and a good student, until something(s) changed me.

Life is not as confusing compared to a few years ago. Life is good. In fact, life was good, I was just on the way, my mind was. Inspiring words aren’t they?! Oh my, I am so ready to dive into the ‘within’ and put it in writing. Maybe next year!

I am still working on my character. Don’t we all?! I believe a growth mindset is better than a fixed mindset. Lately I learned that we are not born with our character. It is in fact shaped by forces around us. We can choose personality traits and work/ train towards it. All the personality traits we acquire, sum up to become a character, our character.

I have a unique set of personality traits. I always know that I am unfuckwithable but kind and flexible at the same time. Wait, let me rephrase that sentence. I am unfuckwithable but if you court me while I am in my distracted mood, then I will become flexible and that makes me “kind”.

That is my main character so far. I am however working to add a strong determination, fearlessness, willpower and perseverance to my personality traits bucket list. What is on your bucket list?

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