Kohi Black

Finding Me – A Soul Searching Journey

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”
-Ferdinand Foch

It was winter 2009, I had just given birth to my 1st born, a baby girl named Chloe. I did well as a single mother to Chloe. I had fun, as a mother and of course as a single woman.

When she attended kindergarten, I knew that I better put my act together to be a better role model for her. Education at school is important, but education outside school, this so called life education is as important if not more.

The journey of “FINDING ME” started with searching for the higher power. Deep down in my heart, I always believe in The Higher Power. I call Her my Heavenly Mother. She is the one I went to when I was in trouble and when I was sad and when I was stuck in life.

Other than my spiritual life, I have developed a great habit of inferiority. I made massive changes in my life in the past because I wanted to raise my 1st born well due to the fact that I was a single mom. I felt like all she had was me to depend on.

Fast forward to 2021. I have a new husband and a newborn, and I have practiced my habit of inferiority in order to make sure I take care of my children and husband well.

My cognitive component (act of knowing) is high this time around. My mindset is also firmer than before as I have less to worry about. Responsibilities are shared with my partner and trust me, two is better than one when it comes to tackling responsibilities in parenting.

My behaviour is better aligned this time around because I have my husband and my 12yrs old child who would criticise me when I do something wrong. Blessed them.

Life has so many dimensions. Spiritual life was just a starter for me. I must have done something right because life has been good for me. It gets better and better until the pandemic strikes. It forces most of us to really sit still and do some thinking. For me it was quite clear, that there are more to explore. The body, the mind, and the soul.

Finally, the journey of Finding Me is about finding that transformative purpose and working on it ferociously and making this life more meaningful than the previous one. Have you found your transformative purposes?

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